On The Rocks
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'On The Rocks' is an excellent place to discover the rich Dalmatian fauna and flora.

Located on a hill, overlooking the treetops, one can easily spot birds nestling and foraging in the trees and bushes. Over 40 species breed here like Blue Rocktrust, Black-eared Wheatear, Subalpine Warbler, Oreol and Red-backed Shrike.

In spring the limestone hills are covered with a colourful carpet of Mediterranean flowers and herbs attracting many insects in search of nectar. The butterflies are the most colourful ones. With over 40 species, 'On The Rocks' is a real butterfly paradise. When the lavender blooms hundreds of them flutter around.

In the hot summer the hills are dry with almost no flowers. Lizards now sun on the warm rocks of the countless stonewalls. The biggest and most colourful is the Eastern Green Lizard.

In the evenings a little gecko can stick on a wall catching insects and mosquitos. When the lights are lit outside, a lot of insects gather around.

With the first autumn rain, the plants revive. Now it is time to harvest the olives and grapes.

While exploring around the house and uphill you will encounter a lot of these colourful plants and animals.