On The Rocks
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We still have some projects to do in the next few years.

  • The garden is in full development. In the front yard we are creating multiple terraces in order to grow lots of vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit trees.
  • Next to the pool we want to make a little playground for children.

  • Behind the swimming pool we will develop a vineyard and a place for the chickens.

  • In the vineyard we also want an area with an outside bed. This feature will allow our guests to fully experience the beautiful starry sky in this rural environment with minimal light polution.

  • Next to the swimming pool, we will add a barbeque house with pizza oven and a lounge area (see pictures).

  • The B&B now offers space for 6 people but in the future we will be able to accomodate 8 people. This is possible once we convert the basement to a bedroom with bathroom.

  • If you want to follow these developments checkout our facebook page.

    On The Rocks

    Pauci 46,
    21228 Blizna Donja,
    e-mail: claesward.doo@gmail.com
    tel:+385 97 678 1575