On The Rocks
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In 2014 we bought this old house on a rocky hill with magnificent views. It was originally an old farmhouse with equipment for making wine, holding pigs and donkeys, drying smoked ham (prsut),... .

Starting as a small house they gradually added parts to the house. The oldest part of the house is more than 100 years old. In fact everything is still there, we only reinforced it and wrapped it in a modern jacket.

The first time we visited the house, we knew we wanted the place. The untouched nature, peacefull surroundings, fresh air and perfect panoramic view didn't leave us indifferent.

After we finished all paperworks (it took 2 years) we started with the renovation. Meanwhile we 'camped' there, planning what a beautiful place for living it can be. The house had some basic necessities like a small woodburner and electricity. Besides that there was not so much modern comfort. The main toilet was separated from the house and there was no running water.

So as soon as we could, we started renovating the house, first the roof and the upper floor as living quarters for us. After that we organized the groundfloor so that there would be three guest bedrooms, a living area, kitchen, seating area and an extended large terrace. We also made new installations so that we could offer all nessecary comfort. And the last but very important addition was the swimming pool.

We also made a new approach to the house with stone stairs and a rearranged garden.

On The Rocks

Pauci 46,
21228 Blizna Donja,
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